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Profile Research has been helping executives and senior professionals with effective resume distribution services since 1990.

After more than 20 years in the business and having worked with more than 4,000 senior level professionals, we know how to help you get your resume to the people who have the jobs you want.

To ensure your success, you need a competitive market advantage. That’s what Profile Research is all about -- providing you with the information and tools to not only compete in today's job market, but to succeed and win.

Long established and highly-regarded in
the industry

Profile Research
Executive Resume Distributors

has been featured in

  • A Los Angeles Times syndicated "Careers" column
  • National Business Employment Weekly
  • Professional Association of Resume Writers Spotlight

as well as in books, articles and columns by employment field notables including: 
Joyce Lain Kennedy,
Wendy Enelow and
Susan Whitcomb.

Our Resume Distribution
Services Include:

  • Email and/or postal campaigns to executive recruiters
  • Postal mail campaigns directly to employers
  • Prospect data - by industry, geographical area, company size, SIC code, keywords or your own custom criteria for phone campaigns
  • Email and/or postal campaigns to Venture Capital Companies

Why use Profile Research when you can get information from the internet yourself?

Just as there are commodity sellers in the resume writing business - people who care more about making the sale then serving our industry and our clients - so there are similar people in the distribution world. Sadly they take away from one of the leaders in our industry.

Bob Bronstein of ProFile Research is the true leader here. He is so far above a mere email pusher. He really understands our industry and has been in it for almost 20 years. He's also a great partner because he knows how to build powerful campaigns that work. When it comes to service, support, and in-depth expertise, he's the one contact. He will work closely with you because he knows his hard won brand depends on how well he helps supports you and your clients.

The McLean Group
One of America's first personal, professional career coaches
Former Charter Member, Board of Directors, Career Management Alliance
Monthly columnist: Professional Association of Resume Writers; regular contributor: NETSHARE.com
Published in more than 65 collections of the best resumes in the United States, Canada, and Australia

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