70 percent of executives find career options through networking; more than half of search firm consultants and corporate human resource professionals find executive candidates through networking and referrals.” (quoted with permission from Executive Insider, the online newsletter published by Execunet)

But, what about the other 30% and the other 50%?

The answer is simple. Those other 30%-50% must come from direct mail (or email), websites, or ad responses because they are the only other possibilities.

Now ask yourself ... Do you apply through company websites or by responding to advertisements?

Do executive recruiter swork with people like you?

Statistics indicate that only 3%-5% of all jobs are filled by executive recruiters. More importantly, that percentage is heavily concentrated in the mid- to upper-level executive market, precisely the clientele that Profile Research works with. (Recruiters rarely fill entry-level or first-line supervisory positions with the exception of nurses.) When a company contracts with a retainer-only search firm for a senior position, the likelihood that a recruiter will fill the position approaches 100% because companies don't spend those kinds of fees for non-performance!

Now, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you ever get calls from recruiters? How about colleagues at similar levels? Do they get calls?

  2. If the company was going to replace you AND there is no candidate in your firm qualified for the job, would they hire an executive recruiter to fill the position

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes,” or even “Maybe,” then we have demonstrated that recruiters are active in your employment space and should be part of every successful search campaign.

Don't get us wrong. At Profile Research, we strongly believe that networking is the most effective way to go to market. There are 5 opportunities every day; they are called Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Cocktails, and Dinner. We advise clients to fill 2 of them each day. Implemented aggressively, this strategy could add 500-700 people a year to each job seeker's network. A pretty impressive number and a wealth of opportunities!

However, a year is a long time to be actively engaged in a job search. Therefore, to supplement those efforts, we strongly encourage our clients to use targeted direct mail/email campaigns that can get an executive into the marketplace much more quickly by expanding their network.

In fact, we can contact all of the appropriate recruiters, venture capital firms, and employers in less than 7 days! Now, that's an impressive boost to any executive's search!

Are our programs costly? Yes, sometimes they are. However, they are always much less expensive than unemployment, and much faster and more comprehensive than networking! And if they shorten the job search process by as little as a week, the ROI is stunning.

Why would you design a job search campaign without including a program to contact the appropriate hiring authorities: the employers, the recruiters, and the venture capital firms? You wouldn't!

Contact Profile Research and open yourself to 30%-50% of the available market.

You'll be delighted!

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