College Grads and Entry Level Positions

Generally speaking, Profile Research, LLC can’t help recent college grads and entry-level workers. Those jobs are available in want ads and on websites, and not through our services.

There are two exceptions:

Exception 1.  If you are looking for hard-to-find companies for a very specific skill set. For example, if you're looking for a position in automotive design, you wouldn't need us to find the big automakers, but you might need help finding data for companies that design and/or make trucks, motor homes, tractors, motorcycles or other vehicles. And since every visible (and many invisible) parts of vehicles need the hand of a designer, you might want to search out certain auto parts manufacturers like those who make steering wheels, tires, radios, etc. Essentially, if you know what kinds of companies you're looking for, we can find them for you and deliver prospecting lists for you to begin a campaign by phone, mail or Internet.

Exception 2.  If you are seeking employers in a single geographic area where that information might be overwhelming for you to obtain. Let us say that you will work for any firm as long as it located in a major metro area like Boston, New York, San Francisco, etc. We can acquire a list of those firms for you..

Costs start at $100.00. Call us at 215-643-3411