Profile Research, LLC can help you in your job search if you can answer “yes” to the following questions.

  1. Are you serious about your job search campaign?

  2. Do you need information? (Who are the potential targets? Recruiters? Employers? Venture Capital Firms?)

  3. Have you decided what kind of position you want? (We do not counsel the undecided.)

  4. Are you clear about your geographic preferences?

  5. Do you want to know who the best prospects are for your career search?

  6. Are you looking for new strategies to accelerate your campaign?

  7. Are you interested in expanding the number of opportunities available to you?

  8. Do you want more interviews?

  9. Are you willing to invest in your career and your future?

If you are looking to prepare a very tightly focused campaign — for example, you want to find the top ten employers in town and locate the right hiring authorities in those firms — Profile Research is NOT for you. You can get the information you need for free. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce, search websites, or use the local phone book.

Profile Research IS for you if you need to contact Executive Recruiters (because they have contacted you or your colleagues in the past) or Venture Capital Firms (because you have experience that they would be looking for), or a particular group of employers that can use your skills. We will help you explore the right options and get you moving quickly.

Once again, you have executed another recruiter email campaign that has delivered stellar results. My client has been contacted by numerous recruiters for very viable opportunities and he is thrilled. The results of this campaign were so successful that you reinforced my recommendations to him to use your service to jump start his job search.
Career Counselor

Yikes! This client is already receiving calls and has an appointment this afternoon.
Resume writer

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