The Profile Research Job Search Process

  1. Tell us what kind of position you are looking for. You can do this by filling out the Email Form or by giving us a call at 215.643.3411- East Coast Time (GMT-5). We will let you know immediately if we can help you.

  2. Next, we conduct an individualized, no-obligation consultation to discuss your previous employment experience, your current career objectives, what kind of job you're looking for and where -- including your preferences for industry, size of company, geography, compensation and type of position.

  3. Next, we'll review our data sources to identify the targets that meet your requirements and then make our recommendations to you and with you to determine the “RIGHT” list to optimize your best response opportunities for interviews.

  4. Once we've finalized your target list, we ask you to send us your package of documents (resume, CV, cover letter, etc.).  Please note: Our services do not include the writing of resumes or cover letters. If you need help with any of these, we can connect you with talented writers all across the country, many of whom are field specialists (e.g., IT, Sales, Financial, Law, Pharmaceutical) who can assist you.

  5. Once your campaign is ready to go, Profile Research will send the emails for you and/or print the individualized letters and envelopes for a postal campaign. If you need assistance with fulfillment (signing, sealing, stamping, stuffing), we offer that service as well.

  6. That’s it! In less than a week you can go from thinking about a campaign to having a targeted campaign completed.

Success Rates

Success rates depend on a lot of things, for example:

Here's what we can promise:
Profile Research LLC works quickly and efficiently to get you into the marketplace.
The more visible you are, the better your chances for success.

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