What Profile Research Can Do for Your Job Search

After 20+ years in the business, Profile Research LLC knows where the hiring action is (and where it is not) and how to get you in front of the decision makers with our targeted campaigns.  Targeted mailings are emails or personalized letters sent to a select group of individuals based on your specific needs.

While you may get lucky with a broad-sweep mass mailing of your resume, our targeted mailings focus on a select audience -- the market most likely to be seeking a candidate with your qualifications. The results of this approach have proven to be much more effective, not to mention more cost effective.

“The response to the mailing was far more successful than any of the leads presented by executive recruiters.
In fact, I have accepted an offer for a “dream job” as General Counsel for a consumer products company right here in Connecticut.

I think this going to be a perfect fit, and I wouldn’t have gotten their attention without your help.”

—Attorney/Corporate Counsel

“I’ve worked with Profile Research for more than 15 years to coordinate targeted direct mail and email campaigns for hundreds of my executive clients. The professionalism and integrity of the company has been consistently outstanding. My clients have been delighted with the service and the results. I highly recommend Profile Research, LLC to every serious career search candidate.”

—Wendy S. Enelow, CPRW, JCTC -- Author of more than 25 resume and career search books
Founder and President of Career Masters Institute

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